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The Anniversary

I graduated college exactly 10 years ago today. May, 23, 2010. On May 24th, I was back home, unpacking all the things I’d kept constantly ready for transport over the summers that now weren’t gonna go back to campus anymore. The biggest task in this, of course, was putting my many DVDs back into their cases from the binders they’d lived in for the past four years. I don’t remember what day I did this exactly, but I know for sure it happened within the first week of my being home. I have two vivid memories of unpacking that have conflated into one over the past decade. It’s possible both are true.

What I remember is, all my stuff is everywhere, slowly being absorbed by the room, I’m surrounded by stacks of DVD cases and watching Lawrence of Arabia. Now, I also have a vivid memory of being surrounded by DVDs and watching The Snake Pit. So, one of two versions is true: either I watched Lawrence of Arabia earlier in the afternoon and Snake Pit later on OR these are two separate days; I watched Lawrence of Arabia as I unpacked some stuff and did the DVDs another day. That version makes the most sense. But hey, it’s an afternoon a decade ago. Who remembers specifics? (more…)

Mike’s Top Film Scores of the Decade (30-21)

Film scores are one of my favorite things to listen to and the list of my top ones is one of the articles I get most excited for each year. I put way much more effort into that than I really ought to. I go deep, listening to some scores that I probably shouldn’t even bother with. And it’s because I love that aspect of film so much. The care that goes into all those notes. Think about how many films there are each year and how many have true, dedicated scores to them. Now consider that, despite there only being a handful of notes out there, each of them is utterly unique in its own way. It’s crazy to think about.

So when I was considering lists to talk about for this past decade, this one was one I couldn’t wait to get into. I know most people won’t rush to put a score on, but if you’re gonna go in for one, these are some of the best that have come out these past ten years: (more…)

Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #101 – “Feels Like Summer,” from Shaun the Sheep Movie


101. “Feels Like Summer,” from Shaun the Sheep Movie

I don’t remember much about the actual film — like most Aardman movies, I forget a lot of the plots and think they’re generally just kind of pleasant without loving them all that much — but I do remember this song. This plays a couple of times throughout the film, and each time I head it, my ears perked up, because it’s just a catchy, lovely song. It’s like a later Beach Boys song, or like a That Thing You Do kinda one-hit wonder song. It’s quite literally a song that feels like summer, and it’s really well done.

And also, how fitting that today, for a lot of people, is the actual beginning of their summer.


Pic of the Day: “He wants to know if you are gods.” “Not gods. Englishmen. The next best thing.” (45th Anniversary)