The Oscar Quest: Best Actor & Best Actress – 2006

More blandness. Weak, weak categories. To the point where the people I’m voting for are purely for the people and absolutely not for the performances. There’s almost nothing to say about these. They’re just — not interesting.

Best Actor – 2006

And the nominees were…

Leonardo DiCaprio, Blood Diamond

Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson

Peter O’Toole, Venus

Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness

Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland

DiCaprio — Why — and I mean this from the bottom, top and center of my heart — would they nominate Leo for Blood Diamond and not for The Departed? I mean, seriously. All he does in this is put on a South African accent, run around a bit, and die. I’m pretty sure that’s it. The Departed was seriously a hell of a performance. I know he refused to campaign for it, but, when has that stopped anyone? You missed the boat, Academy.

Gosling — Good performance. Not gonna vote for it. Have him ranked #2 though, because — well, look at who he’s up against. But, I liked this, but it felt too low-key and indie to vote for. I didn’t love it that much. He is good though as the heroin addicted high school teacher. So, check out the performance, it’s worth it.

O’Toole — Yeah, he’s old. They missed the boat on giving him a statue like six times already. I don’t have an exact figure, but I’m sure he could have won at least one of those. This one was never gonna happen. It’s really not much of a great performance. At least, to win. Nominated? Fine. I guess. What the fuck else are they gonna nominate in this year? Personally I’d take Damon, but, whatever. He’s Peter O’Toole. Good for him.

Smith — Yeah, Oscar bait. Single father, working his ass off for his son, sleeping in a train station bathroom. All that noise. Not a performance that’s gonna win an Oscar. It’s trying too hard. But I like Will. So, I’m not gonna rail on the performance that much. Because, you know — Seven Pounds exists.

Whitaker — This is a supporting performance. Really is. He’s barely on screen. This is James McAvoy’s movie. Whitaker shows up, does his accent, is good. And I’d have been happy — more than happy — to vote for him for Best Supporting Actor. It would have been the best supporting performance of the year. But, as a lead role, this is very good, but I cannot vote for it. Can’t do it. Can’t do it.

My Thoughts: I refuse to vote a supporting role for Best Actor. Refuse. I don’t care that the Academy did. That’s their business. They did the same with David Niven. I won’t do it. That said, I’m voting for Leo because, The Departed performance was the best performance out of any of these. So, that’s my vote. At least then the right person will have been voted for, even if it is the wrong role.

Rankings:  (based on the films they were nominated for)

5. DiCaprio

4. O’Toole

3. Smith

2. Gosling

1. Whitaker

Best Actress – 2006

And the nominees were…

Penélope Cruz, Volver

Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal

Helen Mirren, The Queen

Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada

Kate Winslet, Little Children

Penélope Cruz — I’ve said it before, but I just don’t get Almodovar films. I saw one he did in the 80s, and liked it, but the rest that I’ve seen, just didn’t do it for me. I’m sure people will say its due to some lack of cinematic knowledge or “low” tastes, but, I don’t care. Anyway, I don’t get why she was nominated for an Oscar for this. Other people said this was an Awards-worthy performance, so, I guess everyone’s gonna have to decide for themselves. I, personally, didn’t get it, and will leave it ranked #4 (since she’s easier to look at than Judi Dench) until, if ever, I am enlightened.

Judi Dench — I thought she did an okay job, but, I don’t know, something rang really false to me about this movie. The whole, closeted lesbian thing and making her fellow teacher’s life a living hell while trying to maintain her for herself just seemed like a concept that would only work in the 50s. Now, it just seems false. So, yeah, she’s #5 because I actually did like 1-3 and Penélope is hotter. So, yeah. At least the movie is short.

Helen Mirren — This is a good performance, but sort of by default. I don’t see why this performance was so amazing when the Queen has to not show emotion. So basically Helen Mirren had to act all queenly and then suggest what she was feeling. But, if ever there was a time to award Helen, I guess this is almost the best time. So I can’t be that upset with it, aside from the fact that Kate Winslet had been due for like five years by this point, and probably should have gotten it as well.

Meryl Streep — She did act wonderfully bitchy. So that automatically puts her third. That’s really it. I’m sure we’re either all seen this performance or have boycotted it for whatever reason. But, I did actually enjoy this movie. It’s not a performance that wins an Oscar, but she is at least a refreshing nominee here.

Kate Winslet — Yeah, she just got naked and fucked a lot here. Not really a performance that wins. But, this year seems to be the popularity contest year, and I’ve already voted for Leo for the performer and not the performance, so, I guess this means she wins.

My Thoughts: I guess I’m ultimately cool with Mirren winning, since Kate eventually got her Oscar, but I’m still voting for Kate here, because I like her better.


5. Dench

4. Cruz

3. Streep

2. Mirren

1. Winslet

One response

  1. i love kate! i am quite disgusted with the Academy for snubbing Revolutionary Road the way it did. Even Leo did well in that movie. ba!

    October 13, 2011 at 4:46 am

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