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The Oscar Quest: Best Supporting Actress – 1977

Oh I know I must almost be done with this year. I’ve talked about everything but Best Actor. And Best Picture, but you should be able to guess that those are coming last, because you need to end with your good stuff. But, if we all didn’t know by now, this is the year Annie Hall beat Star Wars. And that about says it all.

Richard Dreyfuss wins Best Actor for The Goodbye Girl, Diane Keaton wins Best Actress for Annie Hall (written about here), Jason Robards wins Best Supporting Actor for Julia (written about here), and Woody Allen wins Best Director for Annie Hall (bemoaned here). I like being mostly done. I don’t really have to do the big intro.

This is one of those categories — hell, this is one of those years, aside from the bad Best Picture choice (but also, good Best Picture choice, which I’ve sort of explained in the other ones, since The Turning Point was the expected winner) — that people just ignore, because it’s business as usual. It’s not particularly exciting. But we’ll do our best to make it interesting.


And the nominees were…

Leslie Browne, The Turning Point

Quinn Cummings, The Goodbye Girl

Melinda Dillon, Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Vanessa Redgrave, Julia

Tuesday Weld, Looking for Mr. Goodbar (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Do you know those men? Do they work for me?” “Everybody works for you, Howard.”

The Box Office Report – June 10-12

Last week, in Box Office…

X-Men: First Class wins the weekend, just like it was supposed to, doing slightly less than everyone says it would. Still, $55.1 million isn’t too shabby. The film’s already made $120 million total between domestic and foreign totals, so it’ll still be a hit and still warrant the sequel we know we want. The studio had modest expectations for it this weekend, but that’s probably because Marvel’s been making money hand over fucking fist this year (and will continue to do so. Though I’ll admit, this one is mostly Fox more than Marvel). But it made money, and that’s what matters, since As long as it made a lot of money, X-Men has been one of the strongest francises running. Despite the last two entries, which were pretty weak, it’s still, for me, anyway, one of the only real franchises I actually look forward to. It’s this, Batman, Pirates and Bond.

Finishing second was The Hangover Part II with $31.4 million. I for one, say “Thank fucking god.” They estimated it would do $40 million this weekend. I said, “It won’t do that high, but I hope it does less than $35 million.” And it did. And then some And I am happy. Because it proves shit like this doesn’t have a lasting impact. It’s a sugar rush, and it subsides just as quickly. (And in this case, the sugar was recycled.)

Which reminds me. I need go get back to something. The low total box office numbers (lower than what was predicted, anyway) is reminding me what’s important here. I’ve been losing track over the past month. What’s really important here, over what things make, really, is that the correct things fail. That’s really what I need to hope for. And since it’s the summer, I need to just hope that most things fail, so maybe if something catastrophic happens, the studios will rethink their business plan. That’s my hope. So you’re gonna see me wishing a lot more than everything fails, because, really, some of these movies should not be making money. (more…)