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B+ Movie Blog Update

I went for an official title. Normally I’m just like, “Blog Update,” or whatever. This one’s official.

Yesterday was the final day of the Oscar Quest. That’s a huge deal for this blog. Because the Quest was the reason all this exists. Just a quick recap, for those who came in late (rest of the class, please stare at them as they sit down, and make them feel even more uncomfortable) —

After I graduated college in 2010, I started The Oscar Quest. And not long after, I said, “What’s the point of watching all these movies if I can’t document that I did this?” (I’m a writer. There’s ego involved.) I also wanted a place to put my opinions out there, since a lot of people I know are always asking me for recommendations (and also just in case people would stumble upon it and, through me find goof shit to watch. I hate when people have terrible taste in movies, especially since there are so many good ones out there). So that’s how the blog came about. The Quest lasted from about May 27th or something of 2010 until about July 31st of 2011. (It’s not officially finished yet, there are still seven movies left, but it’s all written up, so I’m counting it.) And the blog’s been going from 1/1/11.

I never really had a plan for this. The general idea was to write up the Quest, the actual Oscar season (which I’ve done twice now and have so much fun doing) and some other stuff I thought would be fun. That led to one of my favorite things I do on the blog, which are the Top Tens of the Decade lists (which have become their own separate Quest, and can be found here), among many other things, like the Pic of the Day, the Box Office Report, and all those other odds and ends and lists I make. This blog is actually responsible for getting me to see so many movies. More than I probably would have watched during the past two years without it. (I should really explain just how many at some point. You’d be shocked.)

But now it’s over. The Quest, not the blog. The blog ain’t going anywhere. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “What happened, Mother? Why did we all run?” “Man was in the forest.”