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My Favorite Disney Songs: #5-1

Here we go. Top 5.

No intro, just… enjoy: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #10-6

Top ten time….

Not much to say here. Everything is perfectly represented. I think we can all agree that these songs are the ten best songs Disney’s ever done. There’s really not that much you could swap. (And if you do think something other than these ten belong in the top ten, I’d be fascinated to find out what it is.)

I don’t need to set this up any further. Just — prepare to get happy: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #15-11

From here on out, it’s singalong time.

There’s gonna be almost nothing underneath each song. We’re just gonna listen to them and sing along.

Obviously these are the best Disney songs. Let’s not even pretend. At this point we’re just celebrating the brilliance that is Disney songwriting. (P.S. 20-16 can be found here.)

Here we go, folks — 15-11: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #20-16

Time for the top 20.

This section — well, let’s just say, the songs in this section fit perfectly within this section. They can’t go any higher, and they’re definitely ones that should be ranked higher than the stuff in the previous section (which, 25-21 can be found here).

There’s also one song in this section that I love so so much. To the point where it completely transcends its film. I’m not even going to waste time. Let’s get right into it.

20-16, here we go: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #25-21

Have you been keeping track so far? Do you know what songs haven’t come off the board yet? (If you want to recap, you can find the previous section here.)

We’ve reached the top 25. I’m going to do my best to provide adequate space in between each song, so that you get the full benefit of surprise and excitement when each one comes up.

In terms of what’s in the top 25 — you can really only haggle with me about one song. I guarantee you that if you were to make your list of top 25 Disney songs, at least — 20, to be liberal — would be the same as mine. It’s just obvious which ones are the best.

This section skews heavily toward one decade in particular, and songs that I felt, while some of the best they’ve ever done, do have some added help by the fact that they came out when I was a child. So while I grew up with Disney, I really grew up with these songs. They’re just not as universal as the rest of the stuff on the list. But, on the other hand — we all know they’re amazing. So this section will be the ones that, while of top 25 distinction, easily fall to the bottom of this particular tax bracket.

It’s the top 25, people. Get excited.


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