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Best Original Song: A Categorical History (2006-2011)




Pic of the Day: ♫ “Which pet’s address / Is the finest in Paris? / Which pets possess / The longest pedigrees? / Which pets get to sleep / On velvet mats? / Naturalment! / The Aristocats.” ♫

The Box Office Report – July 20-22

Last week, in Box Office…

Ice Age: Continental Drift won the weekend as expected. However, it didn’t make as much money as expected. So that’s a plus. Kind of. Instead of the $50-55 million opening most were expecting, it only made $46.6 million. Not exactly something to commit harakiri over. But it’s somewhat nice. Not that this will stop them from making sequels (since you know it’s gonna do at least a half a billion dollars worldwide), but maybe it means the end to these shitty animated sequels in this particular franchise is coming sooner rather than later. So, I’m hopeful.

The Amazing Spider-Man dropped to an obvious second place in its second weekend, making $34.6 million. Which is actually only a 44% drop from last weekend (Friday-Sunday, not the whole weekend stuff). That’s strong. That means audiences liked the film and are giving it great word of mouth. By next weekend, they’ll have passed their budget domestically, which makes this a certifiable hit for Sony. And good for them.

Ted continues to hold amazingly well. It only dropped 30% last weekend. (And it’s rated R!) It made $22.4 million in third place, and this $50 million movie has, after three weeks, made $160 million. Incredible. It’s certainly going to help cover those Battleship losses, huh Universal? (more…)