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My Favorite Disney Songs: #55-51

This is our final section before the top 50, and we start to see some real classics come up. Including one song that I’m going to apologize for in advance. Don’t worry, you’ll see when we get to it. (60-56 are here.)

My favorite thing about this portion of the list has to do with two songs in particular. One is from a film I hadn’t really seen until recently, and it’s a song that I didn’t much care for at first. But then, each time I listened to it, it grew on me, to the point where, when I started creating this list (and was just putting songs in the general area I knew they’d end up), I had it somewhere in the 70s. And then when I actually set numbers for all the songs, it ended up in the 60s. And then, when I was going to move the list from its Word document into these articles, I had it set for the previous article. And here it is, finally making its appearance. It’s definitely had the most motion of any song on this entire list.

The other song I’m excited about is so recent, and from a film that almost no one saw, that I feel like I need to be extra vocal about it because it’s so great and there’s a chance people won’t know about it and leave it ignored for years and years. So that’s really why I like this portion of the list.

That said — let’s get into it.The last half of the bottom half of the list. Here we go — 55-51. There’s some great stuff here: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #60-56

Oh, this is exciting. My favorite parts of a list of 100 are always the 60-51 and 19-11 portions, because those are the ones where you see what’s not going to make the cut of the next tier. These next to portions of the list are going to be those songs that just missed making the top 50. And — you can see why, in this case. Especially when you see what’s in the top 50. (Oh, and — 65-61 can be found here.)

That said — these next ten songs are amazing. I really like them a lot. This portion specifically is great because it has two songs that happen as part of exchanges between prince and princess, as well as a song that most people probably would cast aside (along with the film it’s in) that’s actually quite good.

And we also find out here that even above average Randy Newman is better than the best of most anyone else.

Her are 60-56: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #65-61

I’m very excited for this portion of the list (70-66 is here). There are two songs on here that I feel that people have no idea about (one much more so than the other).

Not to mention, also in this section is a famous song from a famous movie, plus a song from a Disney short (pretty much the only case of that on this list. There are three songs that don’t really have movies to them but are quintessentially “Disney” songs, but the one on this section of the list is one of the only songs from a short film made by Disney that made it).

I love this section, just because all lists have those entries that seem abnormally high based on how little people know about them. Also, I bet that if I gave you all five of the songs up front, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess the final order they’d end up in (in one try).

Here are 65-61: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #70-66

All right. We get into the 60s now (75-71 are here). The one thing I’m excited for is finally being able to incorporate some of that good, old-fashioned Disney racism onto this list. Because it really wouldn’t be Disney without some racism. Can you guess what song it is? Ah, ah, no peeking. You’ll find out soon enough.

As for the rest of the list — we get introduced to another major film that’s yet to make an appearance (which is because all of its songs are great and are clearly going to be higher on the list than this). Coincidentally, it’s the very first song from that film, so that’s nice. And we also have another live-action song (two, but at least one of them has some animation in it. The other one is completely live-action), which actually is a song that wasn’t remembered that well until it was used in a movie twenty years after it came out. Can you guess what that is?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. It’s coming up right now.

Here’s 70-66. I’m very excited: (more…)

My Favorite Disney Songs: #75-71

All right — tier 2. Or, I guess tier 3. Since tier 1 would be 1-25. So tier 3 of the songs. 75-51. Here’s where some heavy hitters start coming up. We were relatively light on the “big” names yesterday. Today’s where they start coming off the board.

As for this list specifically — it’s pretty solid all around, this section. Two major films get introduced here (one twice, even), another film has what must be its third or fourth entry on the list and we throw in a great song from a non-animated Disney film that most people probably wouldn’t think to pull from.

It’s going to be fun. (P.S. 80-76 are here.)

Here are 75-71: (more…)

Pic of the Day: ♫ “Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood / Where Christopher Robin plays / You’ll find the enchanted neighborhood / Of Christopher’s childhood days. / A donkey named Eeyore is his friend / And Kanga and little Roo / There’s Rabbit / And Piglet / And there’s Owl / But most of all Winnie the Pooh. / Winnie the Pooh / Winnie the Pooh / Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff / He’s Winnie the Pooh / Winnie the Pooh / Willy nilly silly old bear.” ♫