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Best Original Song: A Categorical History (1934-1940)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Once I got done with all the Oscar Quest categories, I said to myself, “What other categories can I write up that would be fun?” And most of them wouldn’t be terribly interesting. Who really wants to hear me talk in depth about Best Sound? This one seemed like an obvious one because — we can all do it so easily.

All you really need to do to put forth an opinion on the Best Original Song category is listen to all the songs. Pretty simple. The hard part’s just finding them. Which I did. Though I’m linking to so many Youtube videos I can only do a couple of years at a time. Five, in fact. Otherwise it gets crazy and the pages take forever to load.

So that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll go through every year of Best Original Song, I’ll link to as many songs as I can find, and I’ll tell what I like and what I’d have voted for. And we’ll get to go over the rich history that is original songs in movies. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Here’s an unusual expedition: artists, musicians and writers setting out for a trip through Latin America to find new personalities, music and dances for their cartoon films. So, adios, Hollywood, and saludos, amigos.”

The Box Office Report – July 6-8

Last week, in Box Office…

Ted absolutely destroys the competition with $54.4 million. This is more than double what was expected. I think a lot of people expected this would have a wider audience than one would immediately think (MacFarlane having the Family Guy exposure, plus Wahlberg, plus the fact that it just looked fucking hilarious), but I think this somehow managed to surprise everyone with how well it did. And since I hear this is actually a great movie, I’m absolutely ecstatic for them.

Magic Mike also opened higher than it was expected to. Estimates here were around $30 million. It did $39.1 million. That’s $90 million on two hard R movies. That’s incredible. Absolutely incredible. And I hear that both are actually legit good movies, which makes me even happier. These two movies making money (off a combined budget of less than $60 million) makes up for all those shitty movies that have made money so far this year. Well — some of them.

Brave also held well in its second weekend, dropping slightly below 50% to make another $34.1 million. This was right in line with expectations, and the film is continuing to do really well (despite so-so reviews. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m due to), so that’s nice. (more…)