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Oscars 2015 by Box Office

One thing I like to do each year is check in to see how the Best Picture nominees are doing in terms of box office. Some people like to think it matters, but it really doesn’t. If they like a film (The Artist, The Hurt Locker), it doesn’t matter how much it made. But it’s also interesting to see how much things are making nonetheless.

And since this has become an annual thing, I’m just gonna go and show all the Best Picture nominees where there are concrete box office figures and see how each winner did. Because fuck it,  maybe some people think this is important. Mostly I’m interested to see what some of these nominees made.

So here’s how each Best Picture nominee has done, box office wise: (more…)

The Return of the Trivia

Four years ago, I posted an article with a bunch of Oscar trivia. A whole lot of random factoids and lists of “mosts” and “bests” and all that stuff that comes with me having followed the Oscars for as long as I have.

And I always liked it, but it went up once, and I’d mention that I was updating it, but I don’t think people really knew it was there. So I decided to go back and dust if off, and add a bunch more stuff and really make it in depth and have it so that it’s around all the time.

So, if you look up top on the bar, you’ll see a tab up on the menu called “Oscar Trivia” — that’s the new and improved Trivia article. It’ll stay up there (you’ll see that it has pending results, as we await the Oscars this Sunday, which I will update once they happen), I’ll keep updating it as we go, and whenever I come across good stuff, I’ll add it in.

Here’s a link to the article, for those who don’t want to actually do work:

The Oscars: Facts, Trivia and Miscellanea


Pic of the Day: “You obviously know my job better than I do.” “Yes well, you are my tenth Prime Minister Mr Blair. My first of course was Winston Churchill, he sat in your chair in a frock coat and top hat. And he was kind enough to give a shy young girl like me quite an education.” “I would imagine.”

The Queen - 2