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Pic of the Day: “My dad says snow causes heart attacks.” “He must have snow confused with chili dogs. Any other questions?”


Oscars 2016: Best Documentary Short Shortlist

They announced the ten shortlisted films for Best Documentary Short last week. Which is kinda funny, since the category the least amount of people care about and the easiest to pick is the one we have the most time to think about.

The way this works is, I go through these now, basically figure out which five I think are gonna be nominated, I don’t think about this at all until January, two days before nominations come out, and then I reevaluate and pick basically that list as what I think is gonna be nominated. It’s simple. We don’t get too complicated here.

Anyway, here are what I’m sure are the highly awaited shortlisted documentaries for the Best Documentary Short category at the 89th Academy Awards. (more…)