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2016: Movies That Were Worse Than I Expected

I think the title about covers it all.

I had expectations, they were not met. Generally these are films that, when I think about them, they just feel like disappointments. There hasn’t really been a whole much that surprised me this year. Sure, the year felt weaker than normal, and most people would count the majority of the summer as harboring many disappointing films — but I was never particularly excited about any of them. So what looked like disappointments to most people were expected occurrences to me.

So I’m mostly left with films that just feel like they should have been better, given each one’s specific circumstances.

Here are the most disappointing films of 2016 for me: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “We were always heckling you.” “It’s good to be heckling again.” “It’s good to be doing anything again.”