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The Best Films of 2016 That You Haven’t Heard Of

I started doing this after I realized that not everyone is as up on all the movies that come out as I am. To an extreme level. Even people who really like movies are probably gonna look at some of the stuff I mention and go, “I have no idea what that is.” Or maybe they’ve heard of it in passing but don’t really know anything about it. Which says more about me than anything else. But since I am someone who sees just about everything, I can be the one to illuminate the stuff that ends up in the middle of the pile that you didn’t know you should pick up.

Here’s my metric. I ask someone who is into movies if they’ve seen Rules Don’t Apply. They go, “What’s that?” And I go, “The Warren Beatty Howard Hughes movie.” And they go, “Oh, yeah. That one.” There’s some recognition there, even if they don’t immediately know what it is. But then I go, “Have you seen White Girl?” And they go, “What’s that?” “The Sundance movie about the girl who starts dating the drug dealer.” And they have no idea what that is.

This list is about the hidden gems and the underseen stuff that you bring around and go, “You didn’t know you need to see this, but you do.” This list is more for the people who have seen that higher level stuff and now don’t know there’s more stuff that they’re gonna like that they just didn’t realize was there. This is the stuff I specialize in.

Here are the best films of 2016 that you’ve never heard of: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “That’s the one good thing about regret: it’s never too late. You can always change tomorrow if you want to.”