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Oscars 2016: Best Foreign Language Film Shortlist

They announced the nine shortlisted films for Best Foreign Language Film Just a guess, based on glancing at the titles… I was way off from way back when I previewed all the eligible films two months ago.

Oh, but shit though — looking at it, I got four of them straight up. That’s a solid percentage. And two more I had on my “solid contenders” list. So actually I wasn’t that bad.

Let’s get into your shortlist before we discuss anything else. Here it is:

Tanna (Australia)

It’s Only the End of the World (Canada)

Land of Mine (Denmark)

Toni Erdmann (Germany)

The Salesman (Iran)

The King’s Choice (Norway)

Paradise (Russia)

A Man Called Ove (Sweden)

My Life as a Zucchini (Switzerland)

I did call that Elle wasn’t getting shortlisted. I felt that one coming from a mile away. Also Julieta. All that stuff that people consider as snubs. The only one that I thought for sure would be nominated was Neruda, but I bet that too will end up being one of those situations where the movie is just okay and you think it would have been shortlisted because the director is hot shit at the moment (he made Jackie).

Also, looking at this… very Europe-based, huh? Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Denmark. Very Scandanavian. Canada, Australia, Russia… they basically count as Europe. Iran is about as exotic as we get.

But whatever. I’m not all for getting into what is or isn’t shortlisted. I’m here to talk about what’s gonna get nominated.


2016: The Year in Reviews (March)

End of the year, time to recap. Every January, I go over everything that’s schedule to come out, and a bunch more stuff that isn’t yet scheduled. Based on what I know at that time, I guess my eventual ratings for them.

So what ends up happening is, I watch everything over the course of the year, writing up reviews articles every four months, recapping and rating all the films I saw during that period. Then, in December, I post these articles, which contain both the initial guess and the actual rating, along with a final rating, which is based on how I feel about the film having had time to sit and digest it for a period of time.

I do it to see how accurately I can guess ratings for movies a year in advance, but really it serves as a way to give a complete picture of my feelings about each movie I see.

Today we’re recapping March: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Why, lookie here. It’s your ol’ stuffed bear. ‘Member what you named him?” “Old Stuffed Bear.”