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Oscars 2016 Category Breakdown: Best Live-Action Short

Every year before the Oscars I break down each of the 24 categories. I do this to familiarize everyone with the category, how it typically goes, voting-wise, historically and also as a precursor to my picks article, allowing me to get most of the heavy lifting out of the way beforehand.

What I do is go over each category’s history, give you all the previous winners and nominees, then list the current year’s nominees. And then I’ll go over how each of the guilds (if there is a corresponding guild) have voted, how that corresponds to the Oscars (some guilds mean a lot to how a category will play out. Others mean nothing). It’s basically everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision when you make your picks on Oscar night. And then I also rank the nominees at the end in terms of where I see them in terms of their likelihood to win. So you know what the general favorites are.

Today is Best-Live Action Short. The category that loses you your Oscar pool every year. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I’ve looked at so many women. I’ve seen everything, and felt nothing. But when I look at you, it hurts.”


Oscars 2016: MPSE Awards

The Sound Editors announced too last night. This is the last one. After this it’s just costumes midweek and then we’re really done.

Hacksaw Ridge won for Fx + Foley and Dialogue + ADR, while La La Land won for Music.

So of your three major awards, Hacksaw won two of them. That’s usually the sign of an easy win, but La La Land also has to be taken into account for the sweep.

However, now Hacksaw also has to be taken into account of the sweep. Which brings us to our annual manta — “Don’t split the Sound categories, Mike.”

I have a week to not screw this up. Let’s see how I do.

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Oscars 2016: Makeup & Hairstylists Guild Awards

They announced this last night. Not that we really need the help.

Makeup & Hairstyling is increasingly becoming one of those frustrating categories — the kind that begs for a voting overhaul, like Original Song a few years back.

Anyway, Nocturnal Animals won for Contemporary Makeup, Suicide Squad won for Period and/or Character Makeup, La La Land won for Contemporary Hairstyling, Hail, Caesar! won for Period and/or Character Hairstyling. Star Trek Beyond won for Special Makeup Effects.

So basically the two nominees anyone thinks has any shot to win both won an award. So… great?

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