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The Films of 2017 That Defied My Expectations (For Better)

I try to do this every year. Usually, the earlier, the better. This year, through reasons beyond my control, it’s later. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This way I’ve been able to get everything in, so there’s not gonna be that one off film I saw after I put this up that everyone goes, “What about that one?”

The idea behind this list is — which movies throughout the year were ones that, when I saw them, I went, “Huh, wasn’t expecting that”? Typically ones where either I thought they’d be dog shit and they were actually pretty good or ones I didn’t really have expectations for that ended up being some of the best movies of the year. This is based on nothing other than my perception of the film, either at the beginning of the year or right before I saw it. All that is required for this list is that the movie I saw ended up being better than I thought it was going to be.

Here are the films of 2017 that, just like the above average students on their O.W.L.s, exceeded expectations: (more…)


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