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Mike’s Favorite Film Scores of 2017

I make it a point to write this article every year because it forces me to listen to film scores. Like the movie poster, the art of film music writing is something that has been slowly deteriorating over the past twenty years. Now, it feels like so many of the scores sound exactly the same. There’s always a handful of really good ones, but by and large it all feels homogenized and by-the-book.

I am by no means someone who understands the complexities of music, but I do enjoy a good film score. The really good ones I tend to spot during the film. I’ll catch the score doing something interesting and make a mental note of it. But that happens so rarely now, because so many of the scores are underscoring the action rather than working alongside the action. To my point, name me one new movie theme you found yourself humming after you left a theater.

So I do this article to see where the good stuff is. I feel like, if we all individually listened to a bunch of scores on their own, without comparing notes, and then came back and listed our favorite ones, we’d all generally have the same group. And then we each have our own preferences on top of that. I don’t fanboy over Michael Giacchino the way others do, while I think Alexandre Desplat is the best working composer today and regularly have at least two of his scores on my list every year.

As I said, I’m no music expert, nor do I claim to know anything about music. I just pick whichever films scores sounded the best to me. Also — scores, not soundtracks. Because, yeah, we get it, Baby Driver had a lot of cool songs on it. That’s not a film score.

Anyway, let’s get into the picks. Here are my favorite film scores of 2017: (more…)


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