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2018: The Year in Reviews (Part III)

And here we are. The final batch.

Tomorrow starts the end of the year proceedings and we’ll start wrapping up the year, month by month. Then it’s top ten. Then Oscar season starts. This is the pre-game show to all that fun stuff.

Of course, since the year is not officially over, there are still a handful of movies I’ve yet to see. Those will be noted and I will update the articles as I see them. But for now, here’s everything I’ve seen since the end of August through now.

And yes, that includes Little Italy. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “François! Have you seen Mr. Hanover?” “Twice, sir. The first time he came from his dressing room he had a telegram in his hand. He ordered scotch and soda. A bottle of each.” “I know! I know!” “The second time he came from his dressing room he asked which way is Connecticut.” “Connecticut?” “Connecticut. He said he had a friend there who knows about women too.” “Why didn’t you stop him?” “How can I stop him sir when I don’t know which way is Connecticut!”