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2018: The Year in Reviews (The Films That Didn’t Get Released)

So we jus spent twelve days going over everything that came out. Today we go over what didn’t.

At this point I track like 500 movies a year. Not all of them are gonna come out. A lot of stuff is gonna get pushed throughout the year. This is just me reorganizing that so I can be more targeted in a few weeks when I start over and start tracking for 2019. I can see if some movies look any closer to coming out, and decide which ones I want to stop tracking altogether.

So, this is a list of everything that was either pushed or hasn’t come out. I’ll tell you what each one is, look at what the current status is (if any) and decide whether or not it’s gonna be a part of 2019’s Film Release Calendar. Mostly this is record keeping for me, but should you be so interested, it’s all here.

Here are the films of 2018 that didn’t get released: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “You got something against the Air Force, Mr. Phillips?” “No…” “Well, I do.”