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Oscars 2020: CDG Nominations

Today the Costume Designers Guild announced their nominations, and this is one of the bigger pieces of the Oscar nominations puzzle I’ve been waiting for. Most people probably wouldn’t care, but Costume Design is always one of those categories that feels like it’s always a 3/5 and there’s always something random. This year, perhaps, with the limited field, things might be easier. But it’s definitely one of those categories I’m always on my heels for. Plus, like ADG, they give us three categories, which is just a wealth of stuff to talk about.

Here are your CDG nominees: (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “The shadow of your smile / When you are gone / Will color all my dreams / And light the dawn / Look into my eyes / My love and see / All the lovely things / You are to me.” ♫