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The 2021 Film Release Calendar: Films Without Release Dates (M-Z)

It’s been such a protracted year, but finally we’re ready to finish the Release Calendar (and finally I can actually start watching stuff from this year in earnest.

By now, the calendar’s starting to get more filled out than it usually is when I start going over everything and we’re starting to get a sense that maybe, just maybe, by the latter half of the year movie theaters will be open and operating again at a level relatively near to what we’re used to.

So, in the hopes of that happening, let’s go over all the stuff that’s fixing to come out.

Here are all the films that don’t yet have release dates: (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “When I was just a little girl / I asked my mother what will I be / Will I be pretty will I be rich / Here’s what she said to me / Que sera sera / Whatever will be will be / The future’s not ours to see / Que sera sera / What will be will be.” ♫ (65th Anniversary)