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Oscars 2020: BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA woke up today and chose violence.

Well, okay. They sent out a very diverse slate of nominees that would be admirable if we weren’t in a period where that sort of thing is met with suspicion given how much awards shows seem to be about covering their asses lately so as not to get ‘Golden Globe’d’ rather than actually finding a way to counteract the problem. Apparently we’re now forced to live into this endless cycle of ‘performative diversity until no one’s looking, then settling back into our old ways until they get mad again’ rather than just doing the obvious thing and making it so the entire voting body is diverse enough that it’s not built around the usual same set of boring old white people films that are only the films because that’s all the boring old white people who make up the majority of voters watch.

Those issues aside (since I think everyone knows my feelings about all of this — if you make it a point to watch everything and then just pick what you liked best, the only thing you can be accused of is bad taste. The voting problem is a systemic issue at the root and any deck chair rearranging is arguably just as bad as the status quo), if you’re someone who, as I do, makes it a point to try to guess nominees and winners, you can’t help but see these nominees as just pure chaos (or perhaps the most specific through line you could ever get). And I kinda love it. I’ll discuss all that it means from category to category, but just know — this just got real fun.

Here are your BAFTA nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2020: DGA Nominations

DGA nominations.

This is basically gonna be your Best Director category. Only, what you need to know is — historically, the DGA only matches 4/5 and not 5/5. So as much as this looks like the most likely scenario for who the five Director nominees are gonna be, at least one of these (if not two) are probably gonna be switched out. It’s only happened something like seven times in the past 50 years. So don’t assume these five are gonna be the five.

But anyway, here are your DGA nominees: (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “Two lives that shine as one / Morning glory and midnight sun / Time we’ve learned to sail above oh oh / Time won’t change the meaning of one love / Ageless and ever Evergreen.” ♫ (45th Anniversary)