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Oscars 2020: ACE Eddie Nominations

And here’s our final precursor. The last piece of help we’re going to get before Oscar nominations come Monday morning. Meaning after this, I’ve got to spend today, tomorrow and Saturday figuring out what I think is gonna happen before posting my predictions on Sunday night (and then SAG is Sunday night, which could just waylay the whole thing).

But anyway, this is the Editors Guild and they have two categories, Dramatic and Comedy. And if memory serves, they’re usually pretty good at getting most of their nominees on. But Editing as a category heavily leans into Best Picture nominees. And this year, the only non-Best Picture nominee that feels like it has any sort of a shot at a nomination is Tenet. And given the tepid response to that movie, I’m fully expecting the Editing list to be five Best Picture nominees and the only question is which ones. So this list should illuminate a lot of that.

Here’s what ACE nominated: (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “Can I tell you something? / For years I have envied / You’re green with it / Your grace and your charm / Everyone loves you, you know / Yes I know, I know, I know / But I must admit it / Big guy you always come through / I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.” (20th Anniversary)