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Oscars 2018: My Nominations Ballot

If there’s one thing I’m very good at doing, it’s separating my subjectivity from my objectivity. Something I notice most people who talk or write about film are very poor at doing.

On Tuesday they’ll announce this year’s Oscar nominations. Tomorrow, I will write up what I think will be nominated. While that list is, to an extent, subjective in the sense that it’s what I think will be nominated, I’m not letting my personal preference dictate what I guess. But, since I am human and do have opinions, I allow today to be the day where I can voice them. So today’s all about what I would nominate, and tomorrow is about what I think will actually be nominated. You’d be surprised how many people allow their personal feelings dictate how they pick the Oscars. I get all that out now so I can just be honest about what I think is gonna happen, knowing it’s already clear where I stand on each of the films.

This article is basically — if I were somehow given a full ballot and told that I could put in nominations for every single category, what would I choose? Most of the time, it ends up being pretty close to what ends up being nominated, but I also will go off and select stuff I think was great that got no praise throughout the year. This year, I’m wondering how much my hands will be tied because of all the new shortlists they introduced. I guess we’ll see.

Here’s what my Oscar nominations ballot would look like: (more…)

Oscars 2017: My Nominations Ballot

Oscar nominations are Tuesday morning. I prepare for them two-fold: first, to put up my personal nominations, and then put up my article guessing what I think the nominations will be. This is the former.

I do this to get all my subjectivity out so I don’t have to worry about making too many decisions based on personal feelings. That way tomorrow I can just guess what I truly think is gonna happen and not let my own ego and feelings get in the way. Tomorrow’s the good stuff. Today is just me getting my personal opinions out there so people can irrationally attack them. Which seems to be what the internet is for.

This article is simple — if I were given a blank card and told I could select every nominee at the Oscars, this is what I would nominate. It seems to work out that I end up having broadly what ends up being nominated. Though I will also occasionally go off and nominate a few things that I think are great that some people (because they are beholden to the Oscar mythos) think should never be nominated in a million years.

So here’s what my Oscar nominations ballot would look like. (more…)

Oscars 2016: My Nominations Ballot

Oscar nominations are Thursday. To prepare, I do two things: first I tell you what I’d nominate, and get all those personal opinions out of the way, and then I guess what actually will be nominated. Today is that first one.

Basically — if I had a ballot, and could pick what I think should be nominated in every category (something that could not happen even if I were able to vote), this is what I’d vote for. I’ve seen 400 movies this year, I’ve got some standing to pick things. And I have this website, where I talk about movies and the Oscars. Pretty much I have standing to do whatever I want. And this also clears my head of that pesky notion of, “Well, I’d like this person to be nominated, so let’s put them on the list because maybe I can will it into existence.”

Here is what my Oscar nominees would look like: (more…)

Oscars 2015: My Nominations Ballot

Oscar nominations are announced Thursday morning. Leading up to them, I have the same process every year. I start with a subjective article, follow it up with an objective article, and then we get the truth. Today is the subjective article: what I would nominate in every category if I got to nominate everything. Tomorrow is what I think is actually going to be nominated, personal choices aside. And then the nominations are announced and we’re left with what is.

Dealing with today’s article — it’s pretty self explanatory. In a perfect world, based on the almost 350 movies I saw this year, this is what I’d nominate. I’m not gonna go too much in depth on this, because to me, I’d rather spend time thinking about what’s gonna get nominated. Mostly I’m just gonna let the nominees speak for themselves.

Here we go: (more…)

Oscars 2014: My Oscar Nominations

Oscar nominations come out in two days. Every year, leading up to them, I write to articles. First, I write what I’d nominate if I had a ballot. And then (which will be tomorrow), I write what I think actually will be nominated. I keep them separate because I like to keep objectivity and subjectivity mutually exclusive. I don’t want what I feel should happen to infringe in any way upon what I actually think is going to happen. Far too often is that the case on Oscar sites.

This article is going to be a completely subjective list of what I would nominate if given the chance. In a perfect world, based on everything I saw this year (some 300 movies), what I think should be nominated. These are my opinions, not yours. This is not what I think will happen, only what I’d like to see. Tomorrow is the objective list, based on precursors, history, gut feelings, and experience.

If I had an Oscar ballot, here’s what I’d nominate: (more…)

Oscars 2013: What My Nominations Ballot Would Look Like

Every year, leading up to Oscar nominations, I write three articles. The third one is an analysis of the actual nominations, who got left off, who snuck on, what looks like the favorite, whether the decisions were good or not — that sort of thing. That happens on the day of the nominations. The other two articles I write, leading up to nominations, are a juxtaposition of the objective and subjective. I separate the two so as not to cloud the issue.

The first article is a completely subjective list of what I’d nominate if given the chance. It’s what, in a perfect world, I’d like to see on the Oscar nominations list. Just me. Not you. This is my opinion, and nothing more. And the second is a completely objective list of what I believe is going to be nominated when the nominations are announced, based on precursors, instinct, and just having done it for so long. My opinion isn’t really involved in any way, unless it’s a tossup between two choices that seem equally likely, and I end up going with my personal choice just so I won’t kick myself if I guess the other one and my choice gets on.

But that’s what I do — first subjective, then objective, then nominations. That’s what these next three days are going to be about. Today is that first day — the subjective.

So here is what my Oscar nominations ballot would look like (were I to have one): (more…)

Oscars 2012: What My Nominations Ballot Would Look Like

I used to do this as one article, calling it “My Oscar Nominations and What I Think Will Be Nominated,” but I realized that was stupid. You can’t mix personal feelings and what you think is actually gonna happen. It’s like when you do football pools with friends — there’s a difference between wanting certain teams to beat other teams and then being able to go, “There’s no way that’s gonna happen.” You have to keep it separate.

So today, I’m going to tell you what I’d nominate, if I had a ballot (and could randomly vote for all the categories, since, as you should know, the way the Oscar nominations work is each branch votes on their particular area of expertise — the cinematographers vote for Best Cinematography, the writers Original and Adapted Screenplay and so on and so forth — and everyone gets to vote for Best Picture — and then that’s how the nominations are compiled. Then once there are nominees, everyone gets to vote on every category for the final ceremony). Mostly it’s just a mix of my favorite performances, films, directing jobs, scores, etc. of the year, mixed in a bit with the politicalness of it all. Since for some categories, I won’t really have five full nominees, so I’ll have to look a bit toward what’s in the conversation of being nominated and picking between those, or I’ll do what some people do and just blatantly vote for specific people the way the Globes nominate Meryl every year.

It’s completely subjective in every way and has nothing to do with anything except — this is what I liked. So I felt it best to separate it from where I try to be as objective and possible and guess what’s actually gonna happen. Since those are separate things entirely. So that’s tomorrow. Today — my shit.

So here’s what I’d put on my ballot if I had the ability to nominate stuff from every category: (more…)