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Oscars 2020: ASC Awards

The ASC Award was handed out today. Mank won, which livens up the Cinematography category a bit, since Nomadland won the other two precursors. It was always gonna be between those two anyway, but at least it now no longer looks like an abject rout.

That’s our last precursor, so now we have a week to finalize guesses. I’m pretty much set in what I’m planning to do, so I’m gonna be using this week to just confirm my feelings and finalize my giant article (which, like last year, is basically done already).

Oscar night’s a week away, folks.

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Oscars 2020: CAS Awards

The Cinema Audio Society handed out their awards tonight for Sound Mixing.

Sound of Metal won for Feature Mixing and Soul won for Animated Mixing.

After MPSE, we now have all our Sound precursors in and have our work cut out for us, as three of the five nominees have won something and seem to have legitimate cases to be made for them winning. All part of the fun of Oscar season, folks.

Only one more precursor to go, ASC, which announces tomorrow, and after that, everything is in and all that’s left is figuring out what you think is gonna win. Strap in, folks, it’s about to get good.

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Oscars 2020: ACE Eddie Awards

The ACE Eddie Awards were handed out today.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 won for Best Dramatic Editing, while Palm Springs won for Best Comedy Editing, and Soul won for Best Animated Editing. Oh, and My Octopus Teacher won for Best Documentary Editing. So, while this basically helps sew up two other categories, this does keep the Best Editing category wide open for next weekend, as now Trial of the Chicago 7 and Sound of Metal have split the precursors (including a tie at BFCA). Plus, with Nomadland being the Best Picture favorite, that’s also gotta be considered in contention as well, which turns Editing into one of those few really interesting categories that you have to put some thought into.

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Oscars 2020: VES Awards

The VES Awards were handed out tonight. Theoretically they’re helpful in picking what’s gonna win the Oscar, but given what this year looks like, I’ve already written my my category breakdown because the category is so cut and dry. This is one of those situations where, just by looking at the list of nominees, you know exactly which one is gonna win. Wanna know how I know that? Here’s the category:

Love and Monsters

The Midnight Sky


The One and Only Ivan


(Yup, that’s right. Academy Award winner The One and Only Ivan.)

Anyway, here’s what VES did: (more…)

And the Nominees Are… (2020)

Here are your Oscar nominations. I’ll be back later with full analysis:

Best Picture

The Father

Judas and the Black Messiah




Promising Young Woman

Sound of Metal

The Trial of the Chicago 7


Oscars 2020: The B+ Nominations Ballot

Last year I remember feeling like Oscar season was rushed upon us. This article went up January 12th. And here we are after March 12th. What a difference a year makes.

After the strangest season ever, tomorrow the nominees will be announced. As I always do, I’m gonna guess what I think will be nominated. This is one of my two opportunities a year to really go nuts and talk about this stuff in depth. Most years I overdo it. Last year’s article was 42,150 words. This year I’ve decided to try to be as concise as possible while still providing all the essential information and the thought process (or idiocy) that goes into all the picks. Let’s see how that goes.

We’ll have anywhere from 115-120 nominees announced tomorrow. I generally try to hit 75%. A turbulent year like this will either make things easier because people are gonna default to the same handful of nominees or harder because it’s just gonna be chaos. I’m excited for either version. (more…)

Oscars 2020: ACE Eddie Nominations

And here’s our final precursor. The last piece of help we’re going to get before Oscar nominations come Monday morning. Meaning after this, I’ve got to spend today, tomorrow and Saturday figuring out what I think is gonna happen before posting my predictions on Sunday night (and then SAG is Sunday night, which could just waylay the whole thing).

But anyway, this is the Editors Guild and they have two categories, Dramatic and Comedy. And if memory serves, they’re usually pretty good at getting most of their nominees on. But Editing as a category heavily leans into Best Picture nominees. And this year, the only non-Best Picture nominee that feels like it has any sort of a shot at a nomination is Tenet. And given the tepid response to that movie, I’m fully expecting the Editing list to be five Best Picture nominees and the only question is which ones. So this list should illuminate a lot of that.

Here’s what ACE nominated: (more…)

Oscars 2020: ASC Nominations

ASC announced their nominations today, and we just got a bunch of help for the Cinematography category. Based on what I’ve seen from BAFTA and BFCA, there’s probably only about seven real contenders for this category, but the guild is the foremost expert on it, so I’m curious to see what they went for.

Best Cinematography



News of the World


The Trial of the Chicago 7

Cherry. Interesting. That’s been largely absent from things this year, which makes me leery about the odds it has of making the final category. It was shot by Newton Thomas Sigel, who’s shot some great films like The Usual Suspects and Three Kings. Most recently he’s done Drive and Bohemian Rhapsody. And he also shot Da 5 Bloods and Extraction this year. This is his first ASC nomination too. Good for him.

Otherwise, Mank, News of the World and Nomadland have been mainstays. I’ve been waiting to see if Chicago 7 would get on. That’s Phedon Papamichael, who hit the guild last year too for Ford v Ferrari (though his only Oscar nomination is for Nebraska).

They also nominated for the Spotlight award: Swallow (which was immaculately shot), Two of Us and Dear Comrades. In case any of that sways people to guess them for the category. Which, honestly… it might. Also, Truffle Hunters, Gunda and Notturno were nominated in their Documentary category (which… if I was gonna tell you three docs on the shortlist that had great cinematography, those would be the ones I picked.

This is gonna be an interesting one in that you only really have three locks, and anything past that is gonna be intriguing. You might get a sneaky foreign film on this year like we did with Never Look Away in 2018. I’m gonna have to think on this one before Sunday.

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Oscars 2020: VES Nominations

Here are your Visual Effects Society nominees. As a reminder, this is your shortlist for the category:

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)
Love and Monsters
The Midnight Sky
The One and Only Ivan
Welcome to Chechnya

VES has a bunch of different categories, so we’re just gonna take them as they come and then try to piece some thoughts together at the end. (more…)

Oscars 2020: CAS Nominations

Continuing with yesterday’s MPSE nominations, today we have the CAS nominations. So yesterday was the sound editors and today is the sound mixers. Both of which, along with BAFTA, will tell us what’s most likely to get nominated in the now-singular Best Sound category.

Not much else to add there, so let’s see what they nominated: (more…)

Oscars 2020: National Board of Review Winners

Doesn’t this feel nice? To finally be back in the warm confines of Oscar season? Of course, that is, before they rip out your heart when the wrong film wins and make it so you can never properly feel again. But, I mean, you can still not be able to feel real emotions from under a nice, comfy heated blanket. So it’s all relative.

This is the official kickoff of Oscar season for me. I don’t pay any attention to anything before this day. Granted, this is the first day stuff gets announced, so it works out. NBR day is one of my favorite days of the year. As I say every single year on here: I love NBR. I love their choices, and they are the one group who generally feels most aligned with my own feelings most of the time. And when we disagree, it’s usually because they have their own personal tastes. But you can telegraph it. They love auteurs (or people they consider to be auteurs). That’s their big vice. So whenever Clint Eastwood makes a movie, it’s gonna be on their list. That’s just how it works for them.

They’re also the only group that goes back as far as the Oscars do, which you probably don’t need to hear me say anymore, so I’ll spare you the history lesson. But the one thing I do like to stress — their voting group isn’t necessarily industry people. It’s people from all over whose only real common thread is a love of movies. So it’s critics, academics, all sorts of people. And I love that about them. There’s less of an agenda so much as it’s purely about what they liked the best. They’re not trying to get people to come to their party (looking at you, HFPA). (more…)

Oscars 2020: Independent Spirit Award Nominations

As I wait for them to announce the NBR winners (which is really the only thing I care about today), they dropped the Independent Spirit Award nominations. So let’s go over those now.

Most people know I have a passive disinterest in these as they relate to the Oscars. On their own, they’re pretty great. They acknowledge films made in the true independent sense (most of the time. There were a few years there where it was clear the studios had gotten in there with their Oscar choices and even now a few questionable ones still get in) and do an awards show the way it’s supposed to be done — with everyone getting drunk in a tent on the beach. At this point, independent film is one of the only things keeping interesting movies going. So even though I dismiss these nominations as they relate to what the Oscars are gonna do (which reminds me of when Olivia Colman won Best Actress and said, “My kids are at home watching. Well, if you’re not then, well done.” It’s not like in the end that’s a good thing a lot of the time), I do love everything they’re about.

So anyway, here are the nominees this year: (more…)