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Oscars 2021: PGA & DGA & WGA & ACE Nominations

Big day. PGA, DGA, WGA, ACE. Picture, Director, Screenplay(s) and Editing. It’s rare these major four precursors come out as the last ones. Usually it’s all staggered. Which makes this year kinda unique and cool. But, after this, it’s BAFTA a week from today and then we spend the weekend thinking it over because Oscar nominations are the Tuesday after that.

There’s gonna be a lot to go over here, and I suspect most of it won’t be too bad, since we already kinda know what the favorites are in every category. It’s mostly just seeing what little surprises they toss on and what they’re gonna leave for BAFTA to clean up.

We’ll go through them in the order they get announced. Which, as luck would have it, begins with the PGA. (more…)

Oscars 2021: The Shortlists

They announced these shortlists last month, but, you know me, I like being prepared. So I spent the past few weeks trying watching as many of the films on here as I could so I could at least be educated when I talked about this stuff.

The shortlists we’re gonna cover are Song, Score, Visual Effects, (the newly included) Sound, Makeup & Hairstyling, International Feature, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Live Action Short and Animated Short. And I’ll talk about all the Animated Feature eligibles as well because I can and I like to. It’s all just groundwork for me eventually guessing nominations come… honestly I don’t even know when they are. Probably within three weeks at this point.

And, at this point, I’ve managed to see all but 5 Animated Feature eligibles, 3 from the Documentary Feature shortlist, 2 from the Live Action Short shortlist and 1 from the International Feature shortlist. Which, honestly not that bad, all things considered.

Anyway, here are your shortlists. (more…)

Oscars 2021: CAS & ASC Awards

Two more precursors today, ASC and CAS. It tickles my weird ass brain to see those two be announced on the same day, being anagrams of one another (anagrammed acronyms, to boot. This is the type of shit that interests me. I can’t explain it).

ASC is the cinematographers and CAS is the sound mixers. We had MPSE yesterday, so this’ll give us 2/3 of the Sound precursors. And with BFCA, we’ll have 2/3 of the Cinematography precursors as well. Both categories are still waiting on BAFTA, but we’ll have a pretty good idea.

We’ll go over them in the order they were announced, CAS first and then ASC. (more…)

Oscars 2021: ADG & MPSE Nominations

The Week of Precursors has begun. Two today, two tomorrow (ASC, CAS), one Wednesday (CDG), four Thursday (big day Thursday. PGA, DGA, WGA, ACE). And then we’ve got everything outside of BAFTA, which announces nominations next Thursday. We’re in the thick of it now, folks.

Today is the Art Directors Guild and MPSE, the sound editors. This is our first sound precursor from anywhere, as CAS only announces tomorrow and the only other help we get besides the guilds is BAFTA. And for Production Design, we already have BFCA and the new arrival of the Set Designers Society. So after this, BAFTA is just gonna clean everything up for us there.

So yeah, let’s just get into it. (more…)

Oscars 2021: Annie Nominations, SDSA Nominations, VES Nominations

So yeah, I’ve been lax about a couple of these precursors. But VES announced today so I figured I’d just run through a few things at once and catch up to what I haven’t officially covered. Because why not?

We’ll start with the Annies, which announced almost a full month ago at this point, then get into a new guild, the Set Designers Guild, which I’ve never covered (because last year was their first set of awards) and should help us with Production Design along with the Art Directors Guild, and then end with today’s VES nominations for Visual Effects.

Also, side note, before we get into everything: because of all the craziness in the world, CAS has pushed their entire awards timeline crazy forward, so nominations won’t even be announced until March 2nd, almost a month after Oscar nominations are announced, and winners won’t be announced until three weeks after the Oscars are given out. So good thing we have a Sound shortlist this year, because we’re only getting help from MPSE and BAFTA and not CAS. (more…)

Oscars 2021: BAFTA Longlists

Okay, so BAFTA has implemented this new thing where they announce longlists for all of their categories, basically telling you, “The category will be comprised from these 15 things.” Which is cool for people like me, who like to guess what’s gonna happen. And it’s just nice suspense. Like when they announce finalists for a prize or something. Rather than a vague notion of what feels like it has a chance, now you’ve got a list to react to. Sure, it makes things slightly easier for me, but it also makes things more fun an interesting for everyone. So I’m a fan.

Last year I remember we got shortlists and then the categories were all over the place in ways that turned some Oscar categories into pure chaos. I’m curious to see what happens this year from that. But, with the benefit of a handful of precursors, we should be able to start to hone what we think is gonna happen in most categories. So I’m curious to see what they’ve done. (more…)

Oscars 2021: SAG Nominations

Okay, so SAG nominations. I’m starting to put less stock into them than I used to because over the past five years SAG has decided become way more of a popularity contest than it used to be, which has lead to some people getting nominated (and even winning) who so clearly aren’t gonna make it all the way to the Oscars. Sure, a lot of what’s in there is good, but there are a couple of glaring discrepancies, which are starting to get harder to believe in. And I fully expect to see some of those here.

But, right now, we’ve got most of all our help in the acting categories, with Globe nominees and winners, BFCA nominees and a BAFTA longlist. So we should be able to get a pretty clear picture of how things are gonna turn out from these.

Here are your SAG nominees: (more…)

Oscars 2021: BFCA Nominations

Okay, so we had the Globes nominations before, now it’s BFCA. This is the Critics Choice, so while you’ll still see a lot of the same stuff, you’ll definitely start to see which of the nominees are ones the Globes only picked because they wanted the stars to be there. The critics are usually unified on what they’ve decided is ‘good’ and ‘not good’. But they also control those narratives, so you’ll also see a couple of performances they’ve championed in smaller films make it on, which will make it on nowhere else. That’s how this goes.

But, overall, BFCA is usually a good barometer of where the discussion is going, so it’s gonna help solidify a lot of the stuff you’ve seen already while also adding in some of the stuff the Globes ignored as we look forward to the remaining major trickle-down precursors (BAFTA, SAG, PGA).

So let’s see what BFCA has brought us this year: (more…)

Oscars 2021: National Board of Review Winners

Oh it’s that time again.

Anyone who’s read this site for all these years knows the two things I’m gonna say right now. That this is the unofficial beginning of Oscar season and that NBR is my favorite group to hand out awards. It’s been my refrain for over a decade. You know I love this day.

The short version, if you’re just joining us — NBR is the only group to hand out year-end awards that’s been around as long as the Oscars have. And rather than just having voters from one section of the film landscape (critics, actors, directors, writers, executives, etc), they get people from all over, including academics. Which I like. Plus, I always feel their tastes most consistently match my own among all the groups out there that announce awards before the Oscars. And when they pick stuff I don’t necessarily agree with, I understand it because they’ve at least shown a consistency of opinion in choosing that sort of stuff over the years.

Most years I do a whole prelude and spend the day before trying to guess what they’re gonna pick as their favorites, but obviously this year being what it is and things being how they are, I’m not doing that. I’m still catching up on all the movies from this year (for reference, I went through all the months of the year in order (outside of the handful of stuff I’ve seen in theaters, which wasn’t even until October anyway), and as of Labor Day I had only just barely started April and by October 1st I was only into June. As of today, I’m about to start October and plan to be all caught up with everything by Christmas), so my aphorism about not paying attention to Oscars before at least NBR is more true than ever. Most years I’m aware that there is chatter and am sort of ‘fingers in my ears’, ‘la la la la’-ing myself to ignore it because it’s meaningless. This year, they could have already announced what’s gonna win Best Picture and I’d have absolutely no idea. And to be honest? Kinda wonderful that way. It’s lead to a much purer viewing experience of everything so far and is really putting me in the position I long to be in, utterly clueless and guessing Oscar stuff in a vacuum. (more…)