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The Oscar Quest: Best Actor – 1976

1976. This has been coming up a lot lately. Which is good, since, the year is so good all around, everyone pretty much knows about it. I mean, Rocky, Network, All the President’s Men, Taxi Driver? It didn’t matter what won Best Picture there. Though, for my money, Rocky was the best choice. John G. Avildsen wins Best Director for it, which, okay, maybe not the best choice of the bunch, but, understandable.

As for the rest of the categories — Faye Dunaway wins Best Actress for Network. She was way overdue by this point, so that’s understandable. Beatrice Straight wins Best Supporting Actress for it as well (which I talked about here). Jason Robards wins Best Supporting Actress for All the President’s Men (which I talked about here). Which brings us to this category.

A lot’s been said about this category over the years. A lot of people cry foul that Robert De Niro didn’t win here for Taxi Driver. My first run-through, seeing these nominees, I couldn’t see how William Holden didn’t win for Network. But, looking at what happened around this category, I don’t see how this isn’t considered a good decision.


And the nominees were…

Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver

Peter Finch, Network

Giancarlo Giannini, Seven Beauties

William Holden, Network

Sylvester Stallone, Rocky (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Son, I’m a lot of things. A liar’s not one of them. Especially not in front of my mammy. Hey, Mammy! …Oh, don’t be like that! If I had a rock, I’d bust your head, bitch.”

The Box Office Report – July 1-3

Last week, in Box Office…

Cars 2 wins the weekend with almost exactly the business it was supposed to do. Every estimate said around $65 million. It made $66.1 million. That was pretty easy to guess. The film was pretty good too. Better than the first one, anyway. Still one of the lesser Pixar works, though. But they can’t all be perfect. It was still a fun time. So that’s good.

Bad Teacher overperforms to finish second, with $31.6 million. This didn’t seem too far out of the question, but still didn’t think it would do this high. I thought $26 million would be overperforming for this. I guess that means it sucks. Because from what I’ve seen out of comedies this year, the more money it makes, the less funny it is. I read the script for this film — it was okay. Which probably bodes poorly for it. We’ll see. Still — lot of fucking money. I’m guessing a relatively small budget. Then again, it’s Cameron. Let’s say $60 million, because I bet 20 of it is her. Still, I don’t think this movie is gonna prove as good as how much it made, which is generally how these things work with box office.

Finishing third was Green Lantern, with $18 million in its second weekend. For those unaware, that is very bad news. And I for one cannot be happier. A 66% drop is exactly what a movie like this needed. It wasn’t very good. It looked like they weren’t even trying. After a $200 million budget, it’s grossed $88 million after two weekends domestically. Which means, at best, it’s looking at around maybe $115 million total. Which, is right around where it’s at now worldwide. Which means, this is shaping to be a huge bomb, as it should. So, score one for creativity. (By default. Since, lack of creativity failed. And that’s just as good.) (more…)