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Pic of the Day: “This film is a detective story, in which YOU are the detective. The question is not ‘Who is the murderer?’ but, ‘Who is the werewolf?’ After all the clues have been shown, you will get a chance to give your answer. Watch for the werewolf break…”

Can You Feel The Love Tonight: A Pictorial Analysis of a Sex Scene That Wasn’t There When You Were Six

Sometimes you think you knew it all, only to be surprised.

Most people, when they reach college age, they begin to understand that the Disney films of their youth may have a little more subtext than we once thought:

(Which they conveniently cut out of this DVD release. The scene fades just as the “sex” cloud goes into the air. Hence the reason that photo looks like shit. It’s from an old copy I found online.)

Of course there’s more. The penis in The Little Mermaid, etc. (I don’t count the racism, because subtext implies that it’s not out in the open.) But, you come to realize that Disney films are a bit more adult than you thought they were when you were a child. And you see stuff like that sex cloud up there, and you think that’s it. But then you discover more. Much more.