The Oscar Quest: Best Director – 1986

1986. One of the lone brights spots in the black hole that is the 1980s. God, I fucking hate this decade.

Platoon wins Best Picture and this category. Paul Newman (finally!) wins Best Actor for The Color of Money (talked about here). Marlee Matlin wins Best Actress for Children of a Lesser God (talked about here). Michael Caine and Dianne Wiest win Best Supporting Actor (talked about here) and Best Supporting Actress (talked about here), respectively, for Hannah and Her Sisters. I like all the decisions except the Supporting ones. But even those I’m somewhat okay with.

As for this category — really obvious. Best decision in the category. I understand a David Lynch vote, but all things considered, the simple result in itself is very acceptable. And that’s what counts, really.


And the nominees were…

Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters

James Ivory, A Room with a View

Roland Joffé, The Mission

David Lynch, Blue Velvet

Oliver Stone, Platoon

Allen — Hannah and Her Sisters is one of the Woody Allen movies I really don’t like. Because to me, nothing happens in it, and it’s just boring. The only parts of it I like are some of the performances. And even then, not really.

It’s about Michael Caine, who is married to Mia Farrow, and begins an affair with her sister, played by Barbara Hershey. And we follow this over the course of a year, while in the meantime see other stuff happening, like Woody Allen date Dianne Wiest — a bunch of stuff. I really don’t like the movie.

How Woody gets nominated for Best Director for all his worst films is beyond me. There’s no way I’m voting for him. I can accept one win, but that’s it. Screenplay only, Woody. Screenplay only.

Ivory — A Room with a View is a movie I just don’t like. It’s Merchant-Ivory, and those have proven themselves to be boring turd heaps (with the exception of The Remains of the Day).

Helena Bonham Carter is on vacation with Maggie Smith (her aunt, I believe, and guardian), and she finds love. That’s basically the movie. And it’s period, and costumed, and all that bullshit the Oscars love.

The only thing I can say about this movie that’s positive is — at least it’s lighthearted. (Jesus Christ, the rest of them. Howards End? The Bostonians? My god. Shoot me not.)

No way I would ever vote for this man for Best Director. No fucking way.

Joffé — The Mission is — well, it’s a film. I’ll say that much. A Jesuit priest goes to South America and starts a mission and protects the natives from colonizing Portugal. And everyone dies at the end.

It looks good too, so Joffé should be here. But otherwise — what the hell is this? The Morricone score is great, but — De Niro is so terribly miscast, and the film is just not that interesting at all. It looks good, though. Either way — not winning. Third at best. Not even gonna waste time on it.

Lynch — Blue Velvet is self-explanatory. You probably should have seen it.

Lynch does an outstanding job directing this, but honestly — I can’t vote for him. I just can’t. Stone directed the Best Picture winner, and — I just like the direction on Platoon better. To me, Lynch was better off winning (even though he really couldn’t have for either of them. Well, the second one…) for either The Elephant Man or Mulholland Drive. Here, it’s Stone to me, especially since I wouldn’t really have voted for him the second time. So while I understand a vote for him, I can’t do it.

Stone — Platoon is a film you probably should have seen. It’s fucking incredible.

Oliver Stone, to me, wins this category easily. Plus the film won Best Picture, so it links up. He’s my vote. Cut and dry, really. (Again, I understand the Lynch vote. To all you people who, despite the many times I will say this, will still tell me that he should have won. Yes, I understand. I’m still voting for Oliver Stone.)

My Thoughts: It’s Stone and Lynch. I don’t think anyone’s gonna argue that one. Who you vote for between the two is a matter of opinion. I, personally, vote Stone. I like Blue Velvet a lot, but Platoon was just better to me. If I was gonna vote for David Lynch for any of his films, it would be The Elephant Man or Mulholland Drive. I’m sticking with Stone here. But it’s either him or Lynch. Either is the best choice.

My Vote: Stone

Should Have Won: Stone, Lynch

Is the result acceptable?: Yes it is. Best Picture winner, great direction. Great decision.

Ones I suggest you see: Platoon and Blue Velvet are essential. End of story.

The Mission — decent. I like the soundtrack better than I like the film. But most people see it and know about it, so I mention it. Not essential at all, really. De Niro is horribly miscast.

Hannah and Her Sisters — Woody Allen. You know the deal, to each his own. I hate this one.


5) Allen

4) Ivory

3) Joffé

2) Lynch

1) Stone


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    You know what i realised? You have not talked about razzie results yet!

    April 4, 2012 at 11:06 pm

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