Pic of the Day: “I’m going back to my dorm.” “Wait, wait! Is this real?” “Yes!” “Okay, then wait. I apologize, okay? “I have to go study.” “Erica…” “Yes?” “I’m sorry, I mean it.” “I appreciate that, but I have to go study.” “Come on, you don’t have to study, you don’t have to study, let’s just talk.” “I can’t.” “Why?” “Because it is exhausting! Dating you is like dating a StairMaster!” “All I meant is that you’re not likely to… currently. I wasn’t making a comment on your appearance, I was saying that you go to BU. I was stating a fact, that’s all. And if it seemed rude, than of course I apologize.” “I have to go study.” “You don’t have to study.” “Why do you keep saying I don’t have to study?” “Because you go to BU!”

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