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The Oscar Quest: Six Months Later. Thoughts, Changes, etc.

(Note: This article isn’t finished yet. I got way behind on shit, and decided to post it as-is. Half an article is better than no article, and it’s not like anyone will know after a few days anyway. If you haven’t read it yet, you should probably wait until tomorrow, since I’ll have it done by then.)

Well, those “My Nominations” articles became a mess. I pretty much gave up on those after the first category. Which is my fault. I rushed them out because I figured, “How hard could they be?” and didn’t really set up what my criteria were going to be and very quickly strayed from what my original intention was. And by the end I basically said fuck it and just went through the motions. I was pretty much doing stuff that’ll start going up tomorrow anyway, so I actually put zero effort into them and had no idea what was actually being written. I was really only concerned with making sure stuff went up to fill the gap between the Disney stuff and this next set of articles. At some point I’ll go back and do those for real.

Mostly what this article is going to be is an update on the Oscar Quest now that I haven’t really thought about it for six months. The final article went up on July 4th, and I was done writing them back in April. So I haven’t really thought about anything on this blog other than Disney stuff since July. The idea was to go back and just look at all the categories and go, “Okay, so how do I feel about all of the categories now that I’ve had time to think about them, separate from the blog and all that?” So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve already updated the Oscar Quest: Viewer’s Guide and the Oscar Quest: Rankings articles to reflect the changes that are being made. I’m also not really tracking the changes I’m making. I’m just sort of making them and writing what my current opinion is on the categories. It’s all up on the blog, so my changes can be seen if you go chronologically. I will say, flat out, these will be my completely unvarnished opinions on everything, unrelated to all the other stuff. Since I’m sure at some point during all those articles I was either more diplomatic than my opinion is or harsher than my opinion is, depending on the situation. (That’s really the problem with writing shit online. People just sort of read it and assume that’s your set opinion. Meanwhile I’m just writing shit and not even thinking about it. I don’t even know half the shit I say.) So let’s update the Oscar Quest. (more…)


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