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Ranking the Bond Movies: #20 – For Your Eyes Only (1981)

This is another film people don’t often think of when you think of the worst Bond movies of the franchise. I thought it was only going to be #19 myself. I knew it wasn’t very good, but I thought, “It has to be better than Die Another Day.” But you know what — I don’t know if it is.

The issue with this film is that it’s just pretty flat. It’s not actively bad, the way Octopussy is, it’s just flat. There’s not much of interest in it, and the plot is really simple, and they don’t include enough other stuff to make it more interesting. Normally if a Bond plot is simple, they add a bunch of other elements to it to fill it out. Here — not so much. Plus there are all sorts of little things in it that don’t help, which we’ll get to in the synopsis.

It was a close call between this and Die Another Day for #20, but ultimately I felt that Die Another Day did things too much, whereas this didn’t do things enough. This could have been a better Bond movie. That should have been a better Bond movie. That’s the difference. I’d rather you try and fail than not try at all.



Pic of the Day: “Jack, I’m going to tell you something. The world that you and Paul live in doesn’t exist. Maybe it never did… out there in the real world. And it’s got real borders and real fences, real laws and real trouble. And you either go by the rules or you lose. You lose everything.” “You can always keep something.”