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Ranking the Bond Movies: #21 – Octopussy (1983)

I feel like most Bond people (or at least, people who have seen all the films) would choose this as the franchise’s worst film. This would be, if you had a poll of everyone who saw all the films, the probably consensus “worst” film. And it’s hard to argue that it isn’t.

The film just feels listless. It’s tired, it isn’t trying very hard — hell, Moore only did it because they couldn’t find anyone else to do it. He wanted to be done after For Your Eyes Only. They had to basically plead to get him to come back for this. And it shows. He’s old, he doesn’t care, the plot doesn’t seem to be worthwhile at all, the whole thing feels kind of like when a director gets too old and out of touch, and they just sort of sit behind the camera and let shit play, and the movie just feels sort of long and slow (watch any Billy Wilder movie in the 70s to see what I’m talking about). This is a lot like that.

But the reason I can’t list this as what I consider to be the worst Bond film — at least it’s a Bond film. This feels like Bond. It’s bad Bond, yes. But it still is Bond. Bond doesn’t act like a teenager in love (with a girl he doesn’t — and shouldn’t) give a fuck about), he doesn’t cry, and he’s not so deadly serious that he doesn’t have all the traits that make Bond Bond. So that’s why I rank this higher than The Living Daylights. That said — #21 out of 22 isn’t exactly something to write home about. So let’s keep it in perspective. This is still not a particularly great movie, and it shows. Not much of it makes a lot of sense.



Pic of the Day: “Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!”

The Box Office Report – October 19-21

Last week, in Box Office…

Taken 2 wins the weekend again, to nobody’s surprise,  with $21.9 million. This was a 56% drop, which seems exactly in line with what normally happens with these movies.

Argo opened to $19.5 million, which is pretty strong, even though I’d have really liked to have seen a 2 in front of the number. So good for them. Here’s hoping it holds well.

Sinister opened to a pretty strong $18 million, and honestly, I don’t feel bad about that. Good for them.

Hotel Transylvania dropped 36% and made another $17.2 million. They just crossed $100 million.

Here Comes the Boom opened to — ready? — $11.8 million. (Slightly more than Rod Tidwell.) I’m so happy this didn’t make a lot of money. Now I can only dislike it because it’s a bad movie.

Pitch Perfect made $9.3 million. They’ve more than doubled their budget, so good for them.

Frankenweenie made $7.1 million. They’re actually doing okay with this one. (more…)