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Oscars 2012 Update: Best Makeup Shortlist

Just a quick one while he’s away.

They announced the shortlist for Best Makeup:


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Les Miserables



Men in Black 3

Snow White and the Huntsman

If I had to guess as of right now, I’d say your likely nominees are The Hobbit, Lincoln and either Les Mis or Hitchcock. I can’t imagine Men in Black makes it, given the overall quality of the film and the likelihood that classier films make it on here (typically. But it is Rick Baker, so don’t rule him out. Fucker got nominated for Norbit. Though the second Men in Black wasn’t nominated, so I’d be surprised to see it on here. But again — Rick Baker, and aliens. So actually it might be a better bet than Lincoln.) Snow White and the Huntsman also seems like a longshot. I understand Looper, but I have a hard time thinking that the branch is gonna nominate it just for giving Joseph Gordon-Levitt a fake nose. I’m cool with it, though, if they want to go there. I haven’t seen Les Mis, so I don’t know, but based on what I assume they do, I can say that’ll probably get on. It seems like it’s gonna get a lot of nominations. So honestly, I feel like the most likely category is The Hobbit, Les Mis and Lincoln, with Hitchcock being first alternate. Though I’m starting to think more and more that Men in Black does have a legit shot at this. (Also, where the hell is Cloud Atlas?)

Tomorrow is my eagerly awaited (by me, mostly) Top Tens of the 1930s list, and Monday we go over the Best Original Song Shortlist, and I get to listen to all that stuff. Very excited.

Oscars 2012 Update: BFCA Nominations

The Critics’ Choice Awards nominations came out the other day, and were pretty much overshadowed by the SAG nominations and the Golden Globes. But actually, I think these are even more accurate in gauging the Oscars than all those other ones are. Since SAG is really only helpful in gauging the acting ones, and BAFTA is helpful in solidifying acting nominations and maybe guessing a surprise nominee here or there, and the Globes are somewhat helpful, but up to a certain point. They tend to miss films all the time. There’s always a big film or two that hit at the Oscars and miss the Globes entirely. These, though — well, we’ll get to them in a second.

The Broadcast Film Critics Association is a group of about 250 TV, radio and online critics. And, as I’m gonna point out in a second — not only are they really helpful in gauging what’s gonna get nominated for Oscars, but the stuff that isn’t nominated for Oscars that’s on their lists of nominees — it’s often stuff that most people think should have been nominated for Oscars. It’s incredible.

Mostly it comes down to them getting all the stuff that’s either in the conversation or universally regarded nominated. They manage to strike a fine line between all the “Oscar” stuff and the stuff most moviegoers would like as well. That’s really the key to their success. They’re not necessarily stuck up on all the “classy” shit. They legitimately go for good stuff. (more…)


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