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Mike’s Favorite Movie Trailers of 2012

This is gonna be a bit ironic, seeing as how I avoided 95% of all movie trailers this year, and the only ones I saw were either big movies I was eagerly anticipating (for better or for worse), ones I saw in theaters, and ones that were put on at work on someone else’s computer that I ended up watching. I actually went and watched most of the trailers for the year within the past few days.

That said — a good trailer is still a good trailer. Cutting a good trailer is a lost art, it seems, as most of them now are either one of two things — straight teasers, or plot machines. They’re either telling you nothing or everything. Not only that — not many trailers actually stand out anymore. You know what was a memorable trailer? The one from The Muppets. Or, going back a few years, one that always stuck out to me — Little Children. With the train sounds building to the crescendo. I still remember that trailer. There’s a delicate balance to a good trailer. They should tell you something about the film, without giving the entire plot away, they should be memorable, and not follow the same tropes as every other trailer (unless they’re gonna make fun of them), and above all else, they should make you more excited to see the movie than you were. If it’s something you weren’t sure about, it should make you want to see the movie. If you were going to see it anyway, it should make you excited that it’s gonna be really good, and if you were already crazy excited for it, it should make you almost pee your pants in anticipation, wanting the months to pass sooner so you can just see it already. That’s what a good trailer is.

So, with all that — here are my favorite trailers of 2012: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Is daddy home?” “He’s on an adventure, exploring the mountains. He’s been gone a long time.” “Exploring mountains, huh? How long is he gonna be gone?” “Until next year.” “Yeah? What about mommy?” “She lives in God’s house, with Jesus and Mary and the ghost and the long-eared donkey and the talking walnut.” “Well, who the fuck takes care of you, then?” “Grandma.” “Yeah, what’s her name?” “Grandma.” “Is Granny spry?”