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The Unforgivable Films of 2012

This list is getting harder for me to create every year.

I’m more positive about movies now than I’ve ever been. I don’t gather deep-seeded dislikings of movies before I even see them, and I generally stay away from all the trailers and stuff for movies before they come out and the online reaction about movies after they come out. It just makes me a happier person to stay away from all that shit. And I’m more about looking at the positive in every movie, rather than looking for shit to attack. So it makes it harder, after trying for a whole year to be like, “Well, no, it wasn’t good, but let’s not be too harsh on it,” to go, “Fuck that movie, it made me want to beat up harmless animals.”

That said… I have developed a soft spot for this list. So of course I was gonna do it. And honestly, the more I started honing in on ten movies I didn’t like the most, it made it real easy to say bad things about them. Since the movies on this list — they’re not good. They either aren’t trying, were made only for the money, or are just so unspeakably executed that they do a disservice to the art form that is cinema. Why shouldn’t I shit all over them when they’re that bad? I know how hard it is to make a movie, and I know nobody tries to make a bad movie — but the people on this list made bad movies. So let’s make fun of those movies. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Alicia, does our relationship warrant long-term commitment? I need some kind of proof, some kind of verifiable, empirical data.” “I’m sorry, just give me a moment to redefine my girlish notions of romance.”