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2012: The Year in Reviews (Part IV: July & August)

Today, we recap all the films of July and August.

To run down the intro quickly — every January I go over all the movies that are scheduled to come out that year (as they are scheduled — or not — at the time). I try to get as much in as I can. I preview the films and try to guess what I’m going to think of them when I do see them. (I don’t look at what I write after I write it. Until I do these articles, of course.) Then, over the course of the year, in April, in August, and in December (which will go up later today), I post reviews of all the films I saw by that point in the year.

Then, what I do is, at the end of the year, to recap, I take every film that came out that year, post what I wrote about them in January (if anything), post what I did think about them when I saw them (if I saw them), and then post what I think about them now, having had some time to think about them (either a few days or a few months, depending). And I also post all the films that didn’t come out that year (pretty much all of which I’ll have previewed), so that way no film goes unaccounted for. (No Film Left Behind.)

I’m doing this two months at a time, and in the final article, I’ll go over how I did throughout the year — which films I guessed correctly, which films surprised me for the better and which films surprised me for the worse. All of this leading into my two favorite articles of the year, the Unforgivables list and the Top Ten list.

Here’s July and August: (more…)


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