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The Most Overrated Movies of 2012

Again — according to me. This was arguably more difficult than my list of Most Underrated Films of 2012, because it’s hard to say what’s actually overrated. Most of the time the list ends up being about our own personal perceptions and the people we hear most. The kind of thing where — if someone you don’t like really likes a movie, and they talk about how great it is all the time — chances are you’re gonna think that movie is overrated. That’s how these things work.

So take this (as well as everything I say, since it’s not like I fucking know what I’m saying half the time. I just put shit up on the blog. I don’t remember any of it, I just say it. It’s nonsense) with a grain of salt. I’m just saying that I perceive these movies to be the ones that most people overrate based on my experience of having lived and watched a lot of movies in 2012.

Also, before we get into the list, know that this doesn’t mean I don’t like these movies. Some of my favorite movies of all time are overrated. Some of the movies on this list I liked a whole lot. I still think they’re overrated by people. I’ll try to explain as best I can why I think they’re overrated.

That said — here are my choices for the most overrated films of 2012: (more…)


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