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The Most Underrated Films of 2012

According to me. I feel I should preface all these lists with that, because there’s always some asshole who is like, “But what about (this)?” Well I’m not making a list that stands for everyone. I’m just saying shit that I think is underrated.

That said – there are always a bunch of underrated movies. And since I have Hidden Gems lists now, and am soon going to write up what I think are the most underseen films of 2012 – I should probably figure out just how I’m going to define “underrated” for this article.

I guess it’s going to have to be – films that I feel most people know about/have seen, that I think are getting a bad rap, or are misunderstood, or aren’t quite properly recognized as being as good as they are. This is of course bordering on what I define a Hidden Gem as, but it’s different in two regards. Hidden Gems for me deal with films that are underrated and underseen, and more importantly require the passage of time. I’m making snap decisions based on the short term, which is how most opinions in this day and age are formed anyway. Films are dismissed or embraced immediately based on the first few weeks. (Which is why this list, and tomorrow’s list – the most overrated films of 2012 – are being posted.)

So my definition of underrated is going to be a film that people know about and probably have opinions of that I think are better than those opinions. (For the most part. I mean, if your opinion of the films is really high, then – well, actually, if your opinion of the films is really high, chances are you’ll agree with me that it’s underrated.) Of course, some people might think the films I put on this list are actually overrated, and some people might think the films I put on this list don’t belong here because people do actually think they’re good – I don’t care. I’m just going by what I think. As you are. If this were objective fact, this blog would get a lot more hits than it does, and my opinion would be worth so much more than it is.

So here are the most underrated films of 2012, according to me (in alphabetical order. Nothing more): (more…)


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