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The Most Underseen Films of 2012

I should say “criminally” underseen, but that’s a different article entirely. This is just a list of films that are underseen, for better or for worse. I don’t care if people like these films or don’t like these films, I still think they should be seen by more people.

This is basically an unedited version of a Hidden Gems list (a list I will not be making for 2012 until at least the end of next year). I’m not even gonna write blurbs or anything, since basically I’d be saying the same thing — these films need to be seen by more people. What I’m gonna do is put them under headings, and that’ll be my blurb for the film. The point here is to get people to see more movies that shouldn’t have been as ignored (for whatever reason) as they were, not to argue about whether or not they’re good movies.

Also, I can only go by what I’ve seen at this point. I’m still finishing up a bunch of stuff before the end of the year, and there definitely seems like there’s some stuff I haven’t seen yet that’ll fit into these categories. But I can’t, in good conscience, recommend it until I’ve seen the films. Too often do people list shit they haven’t seen on lists because that’s what’s supposed to be on them. So I may come back and add them once I see them, and I may not. We’ll see what happens.

Now let’s get to the most underseen films of 2012: (more…)

Oscars 2012 Update: Best Foreign Language Film Shortlist

Wow… this one looks easy.

The Academy announced the shortlist of the nine remaining films for the Best Foreign Language Film category. Considering I’ve seen four of these films on a bunch of nominees lists from other places, I’d imagine this category is gonna be pretty simple to figure out.

Here’s the list:

  • Amour, Austria
  • War Witch, Canada
  • No, Chile
  • A Royal Affair, Denmark
  • The Intouchables, France
  • The Deep, Iceland
  • Kon-Tiki, Norway
  • Beyond the Hills, Romania
  • Sister, Switzerland (more…)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “Christmas time is here / Happiness and cheer / Fun for all that children call / Their favorite time of the year. / Snowflakes in the air / Carols everywhere / Olden times and ancient rhymes / Of love and dreams to share. / Sleigh bells in the air / Beauty everywhere / Yuletide by the fireside / And joyful memories there / Christmas time is here / Families drawing near / Oh, that we could always see / Such spirit through the year.” ♫