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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1898 – Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, that really was the Pic of the Day.

1898 is a rough year. Most of the options are less famous examples of things I will be talking about later on. So I pretty much went with the only choice I had. Fortunately, there is stuff to talk about here, so there’s that. Hopefully, some of you already see from the picture itself exactly what I’ll be talking about.

First, let’s start with some history. Santa Claus was something that started seeping into popular culture (as we know it today. I’m talking about both Santa and popular culture there) around… 1820. At least, that’s when it started becoming what we know it today as. 1823 was the “Night Before Christmas” poem, and that set the foundation for the image we still have when we think about Santa Claus.

But also, coincidentally enough, 1897 was the year where the famous editorial was written, where they printed a question from an eight year old girl, asking if there was a Santa Claus, which included the famous reply that I made mention of up at the top.  So this is actually a timely choice for Pic of the Day. Who knew? (more…)


Pic of the Day

Santa Claus - 2