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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1922 – The Toll of the Sea

Until about a month ago, the choice for 1922 was not this, but was instead, Nosferatu. But then I started writing up The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari for 1920, and I went, “Wait, I’m basically just going to say the same stuff for Nosferatu as I am for this.” The only difference being I’d talk about some framing stuff Murnau does with the arches and stuff. So I looked at what else I could possibly use, knowing that I could always default to, “Well, that Nosferatu shot is iconic, and nothing else was able to top it, so…”

But I quickly found this movie. The Toll of the Sea. And that immediately became the choice because I had stuff to talk about with it. Sure, Nosferatu is the most famous film of 1922, but, since I want stuff to talk about, I’ve decided to make this the film that defines 1922 for this list’s purposes. This is arguably the most important film of 1922, even if you probably haven’t heard of it.

This film is the second movie ever shot in Technicolor. (The first film, The Gulf Between, is considered lost.) It was the first Technicolor feature made in Hollywood. So essentially the first Technicolor feature. (more…)


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The Toll of the Sea - 3