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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1914 – Mabel’s Strange Predicament

I really saw no other choice with this one.

No matter what movie came out in 1914, all pale in comparison, historically, to the fact that 1914 is the year Charlie Chaplin made his first film, and the year Charlie Chaplin introduced the character of the Tramp to cinema. I’m pretty sure the Tramp is one of the fifteen most iconic characters in the history of movies. In 1920, Charlie Chaplin was the most famous person in the entire world. Because his character transcended language. Which is the beauty of silent comedy. You could understand it no matter where you were.

Now, I’m not gonna talk about the film itself, because Mabel’s Strange Predicament is not a particularly memorable movie. We spend most of the time with Mabel, and we don’t really care about Mabel. We care about Chaplin. Because the Tramp, like the most watchable parts of all movies, is a wild card. You don’t know what he’s going to do at any given moment in time. Which is why, no matter what’s happening on screen, you will always watch a baby or an animal, because you don’t know what either is going to do. That’s what makes the Tramp so great. Plus, everything he does is hilarious. (more…)


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Mabel's Strange Predicament