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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1910 – Aeroplane Flight and Wreck

This film is a wonderful example of the unexpectedness of film. It really shows you how you never know what you’re going to get once the cameras are rolling.

The film seems as though it was originally planned as something to show you an airplane taking off and flying around. Air travel was distinctly new at this time, which is why it hadn’t been filmed before this. The Wright brothers only flew in 1903, and planes had only been manufactured for less than 7 years. So this film was a bit of a return to the cinema of attractions/actuality days in that they were going to show you a plane taking off for nothing more than pure wonderment.

Because – yeah. If you lived in the places these movies were shown… New York City, Chicago, etc, then you had almost zero chance of seeing planes take off on a regular basis. Not many people did. So here, you’d be able to actually see one take off. Which would be awesome. That’s how they envisioned this film.

Unfortunately, a lot of films are envisioned one way and turn out as something else.

How else do you explain The Wicker Man? (more…)


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