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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1913 – Fantomas

I’ll fully admit to this being a bit of a compromise. There was one serial I wanted to have on this list (I’m sure everyone who knows me or the blog knows exactly which one it is), but it wasn’t from 1913. And the year it came out, there’s a choice that has to be used, which means I wasn’t able to.

So, I compromised and put my serial here. Which actually works out. Since 1913 isn’t the strongest of years. There’s no definitive choice. Plus it’s perfectly situated between the two-reel films and features, which works given the type of film the serial is.

And plus, serials are such an important part of film history, and are essentially the forerunners of television, so they had to be represented somewhere. And this serial is really famous and was directed by the same guy who directed the serial I wanted to use, so really it all worked out. (more…)


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