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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1900 – How It Feels to Be Run Over

Now we’re cooking.

I went outside the box with this one. This was a decision I came to late in the process. (Which… my process here was, “Let’s make the list,” and then I went and made the list, which became three lists. And then I went back and actually deliberated my choices. Then I wrote them up to Colin and asked for his opinions about the years. This was done so I could hear myself explain the choice out loud, to see if it made sense or if there was a better argument to be made for something else, and to get an outside opinion. And then he gave his opinion, I altered my list based on that, and then as I got closer, I combed through one more time to finalize my choices.) Originally I had a Melies here, since it felt like the only choice I could go with in a weak year. But there are gonna be at least two Melies films on this list, and you can choose a half dozen of his films. And who needs to talk about the same things over and over?

So when I went back through my DVD of early silent films, I came across this one again, and immediately went, “That’s the choice.” It’s a really striking work.

And yes, as always, that pun was ridiculously intended. (more…)


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How It Feels to Be Run Over - 4