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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1957 – The Seventh Seal

1957 was always gonna be a tough year. Even when you look at the Oscars, the two main films there were Bridge on the River Kwai and 12 Angry Men. Picking between those two is pretty tough.

Plus, you have other films that were big in 1957 like Peyton Place, or Sayonara, or even Elvis with Jailhouse Rock. I feel like a lot of these films were exemplary, but none of them really defined 1957.

And since we’ve been skewing pretty cultural for the past few years, I feel like we needed one where we really focused on film history.

So on that level, why wouldn’t I choose The Seventh Seal? (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Have you come for me?” “I have long walked by your side.” “So I have noticed.” “Are you ready?” “My body is ready, but I am not.”

The Seventh Seal - 18