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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1973 – American Graffiti

“Where were you in ’62?”

That says it all.

The Sting may have been the highest grosser of the year, and the film that won all the awards (and be my favorite film of the year), but American Graffiti was the choice. Because, while The Sting looked back to the ragtime era, American Graffiti looked back to the era that all the 70s filmmakers grew up in (50s and 60s). The baby boomer generation. It might be one of the first pure nostalgia films, evoking the sights and sounds of the era (and having a badass soundtrack to boot).

Rebel Without a Cause was the Hollywood version of the 50s. This is the 70s version of the 50s.

It’s a great film. Because, essentially, there is no story here. It’s just a bunch of characters hanging out over the course of a night. And you’re hanging out with them. And that’s what makes it great. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Excuse me, but I think we’ve had an accident.” “Well, goddammit, I won’t report you this time, but next time just watch it, will ya?”

American Graffiti - 6