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A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1974 – Chinatown

The lazy choice here is to go with Godfather Part II. But I already put Godfather there, so why double dip? Especially when we have a film that’s just as good in Chinatown?

And honestly, I’d even argue that Godfather II wasn’t the most representative film of 1974. It’s just the biggest and best remembered. The real films that represented 1974 are probably either Blazing Saddles/Young Frankenstein or something like The Towering Inferno. Since Mel Brooks just dominated 1974, film-wise, and box office-wise, and big budget disaster movies were all the craze in the 70s.

But, instead, I just felt class should win out, and I went with Chinatown. Since the movie just feels like the 70s. And I’m sticking with that as my reasoning.

Oh, and it’s Chinatown. That’s also pretty good reasoning.



Pic of the Day: “Well, I’m judging only on the basis of one afternoon and an evening, but, uh, if this is how you go about your work, I’d say you’d be lucky to, uh, get through a whole day.” “Actually, this hasn’t happened to me for a long time.” “When was the last time?” “Why?” “It’s an innocent question.” “In Chinatown.”

Chinatown - 8