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My Favorite Film Scores of 2014

I’ve started doing this every year. Because I always feel like I’m on that weird level where I’m extolling specific film scores that never get any awards attention, while also not listening to enough scores on their own. So I’ve started forcing myself to actually listen to the scores on their own on top of in the movies to see which ones I actually liked best.

Every other year, this has been a top ten list. Last year, I managed to get to 20. This year, I’m expanding it to as many as I felt truly made me go, “All right, that was pretty good.” The ultimate goal here is to point out great film scores, and to give credit to one of the parts of a movie that often gets far too little credit.

Also keep in mind, I’m talking film scores here, and not soundtracks. So all the musicals and movies with great songs in them don’t count. We’re talking score, and score only. Because even though the iconic scores like Jaws and The Adventures of Robin Hood are few and far between, I still need to be on the look out for the modern day greats.

So here are my favorite film scores of 2014: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I am not allowed to love. But I will love you if that is your wish.”

Sayonara - 50