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Oscars 2014: Makeup & Hairstylists Guild Nominations

Was this a guild before? I feel like I never paid attention to this one. I guess because we have a shortlist for the actual category already, making this one potentially superfluous. But let’s see what we got. Maybe it’ll be good.

So here is your shortlist for the Makeup and Hair Stylists Guild:

Best Contemporary Makeup

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Gone Girl

Guardians of the Galaxy


Nightcrawler (more…)

The 2015 Film Release Calendar: May

Every January, I preview all the films that are scheduled to come out for that year. Typically, I end up around 80%, since there are always a few that I don’t track, for whatever reason. The point of why I do this has been lost, and now I do it because that’s just what I do. It’s fun, and I enjoy it.

Mainly the idea is to see how accurately I can guess my reaction to movies up to a year in advance. And it gives me a gauge to see which films ended up surprising me for better and for worse.

Originally, I just went through the release calendar and listed about 30 other movies that didn’t have dates. Last year, I had about 200 without dates that I tracked. Now, we’re looking at around 250, on top of the articles currently set for specific months.

How I do this is, I start by going over the films currently scheduled for January through June, then take a ten day break in between to go over the Oscar nominations and Golden Globes, and then finish with July through December. After that, I go over the films currently without release dates, and finish with the holdovers from last year that I’m continuing to track. We have it down to a science here. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Your Reverence, I did see her.” “Yes, my child, you did. And you will see her again.” “Perhaps I haven’t suffered enough.” “You’ve suffered enough, my child, for the Heaven of Heavens.”

The Song of Bernadette - 12